The tea would be your best friend for the break you'll give yourself after a long and stressful day. It is a symbol and warming delicious drink which you can offer to your guests.

But goodness and beauty from the heart of the tea does not end them. Contrary to some prejudice, the tea is an important part of healthy lifestyle with the proper nutrition and exercise. According to the data of many worldwide studies, some natural substances found in tea help to protect the health of the heart.

Pennsylvania State University Specialists in the United States revised the 66 separate studies that prove the benefits of the tea in the heart and published the results in a single case report.

In a new report published by heart disease and nutrition expert Dr. Penny Kris, he says that drinking tea without sugar and milk does not contain any calories, and it is an ideal source for anti-carcinogenic substances.

In a study conducted in the Netherlands, within a period of 10 years, 806 men consuming the most catechins (a type of flavonoid), chance of developing heart disease by consuming less than 51% were concluded to be less. Today, still the heart health benefits of tea, which aims to put forward is continuing to be done a lot of research. Up to now the experiments have shown that inhibit oxidation of bad cholesterol plate of flavonoids on vessel walls lead to formation and clogging. Tea also makes our teeth strengthened and fresh our breath. Tea is a natural source of fluoride. Fluoride, for strengthening dental enamel, is a substance added to toothpaste. It can prevent the formation of tartar in your mouth. Tea also supports to destroy free molecules damaging the body of the structure of DNA. Not going to be benefits of tea, tea is one of the most important supporters for your health.